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Summer Update

Hello everyone! The berry picking season is over. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to pick, it was so fun to see you all!

We are really getting to peak vegetable season! Green chiles, jalapeños, and pickles have been steadily coming in. The chiles have been particularly beautiful this year and if I can get enough red ones I will dehydrate them for chili powder.

Green and Romano beans are just starting to mature, I'm hoping to bring them to market in the next week or so. Slicing tomatoes have been ripening steadily but I'm still waiting for the majority of them to ripen before we can sell bushels for canning.

I also have an abundance of herbs right now- sage; Thai, lime, and Italian basil; catnip; parsley and mint. It's not always practical to haul them to market so if you'd like to order some give me a call.

Lastly keep an eye out for rainbow carrots, beets, and cantaloupes at the markets!

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