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Brambling Rows Fruit Update

Things are growing fast out at the farm! Here's a little update on our fruit. First of all, since I've been getting lots of phone calls, we do NOT have strawberries.

First to ripen will be raspberries. Here's what they look like right now, there's a lot of fruit on the bushes and I'm expecting them to ripen somewhere around the first or second week of July. We will post picking hours and updates here and on the Facebook page.

Coming next is blueberries! The bushes are absolutely loaded this year, I'm expecting a great crop (as long as I can get some bird netting up to protect them!) They will probably be ripening towards the end of July.

And lastly will be grapes. I wandered up to the vines yesterday and to my surprise found that they are already setting clusters. Somehow I missed the flowering entirely... time is flying! Grapes should be ready end of August or early September.

And this counts as fruit too... tomatoes are really close! The first field tomatoes have begun to ripen and will be coming to market hopefully in the next couple weeks. The little cocktail tomatoes will be coming first (I may or may not have eaten a few, the flavor is great!), and look how pretty the Tie Dyes are!

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