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2022 Tomato Plant List

Let's (finally) plant our gardens! Here are the tomato varieties we have for sale this season:

Amish- An absolutely HUGE tomato from an Amish group in Iowa. Extremely meaty with outstanding flavor. This one is popular with canners because it cuts down on the work! (80 days)

yes, that's a tomato!

Purple Calabash- This is a deep purple/burgundy colored tomato with a flattened, almost ruffled shape and a rich wine-like flavor. Indeterminate, 80-90 days.

Opalka- This is a very flavorful paste tomato with large, meaty fruit. Not only does it make great sauce, it’s ideal for dehydrating and making sun-dried tomatoes. In our fields last season these plants produced bushels and bushels of fruit. Indeterminate, 75 days.

Polish Linguisa- A paste tomato developed in the 1800’s, seeds were passed down for generations within a family that made selections for size and flavor. Linguisa is like a Roma on steroids. Most paste tomatoes range 2-4 ounces, these tomatoes are 8-10 ounces. Indeterminate.

Brandywine- This has been considered the standard for tomato flavor since its development in 1885 by the Amish in Pennsylvania. Great flavor in a one pound package. (75-80 days)

Rutgers- This strain has some disease resistance, which ensures large crops of crack-free, bright red 6 to 8 oz. tomatoes with delicious old-time taste. For many years, this was a favorite for canning because of its abundance, juiciness and deep red color through and through. Developed in the 1920's. Determinate, 75 days.

Celebrity Plus- If you have a hard time growing tomatoes, this may be the one for you. This hybrid is bred for resistance to a wide range of diseases and produces smooth, red, 7-10 oz fruit. 70-75 days, determinate.

Pineapple- This is a very large slicer, yellow with red marbling through the center. These are indeterminate plants with very sweet, meaty fruit. (75-80 days)

Cherry Tomatoes

Mexico Midget- This is a wild red currant tomato with an intense BIG tomato flavor. This is by far our most popular cherry tomato.

Black Cherry- This one has a deep rich black tomato flavor in a bite size package. Large vines produce an abundance of sweet fruit in 65 days.

Snow White- This is a very unique tasting tomato. The closest thing we can compare it to is a chunk of pineapple on the grill- sweet and smoky. Not truly white, this is a very pale yellow and ready in 75 days.

Purple Bumblebee- A pretty purple tomato with metallic green stripes, this has a sweet flavor, meaty texture, and was bred to perform in less than ideal conditions. 70 days.

Yellow Cuban- Tiny pear-shaped lump of sugar. These plants produce very long vines and an abundance of fruit. Great for snacking in the garden. 90 days.

Golden Sweet and Red Grape- Yellow and red grape tomato varieties. Golden Sweet was especially prolific for us last year and delicious. Both varieties are fairly firm and resist cracking.

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