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Welcome to Brambling Rows Farm

About Us

Brambling Rows was originally created by John and Ruth Jansen out of their love for horticulture and growing produce. After many years of care, they sold the farm in April of 2019 to us, Travis and Rachel Cobb. We are so excited to continue on the foundation that they have built! Our focus is on producing a diverse mix of fruits and vegetables, grown to be as nutrient-dense as possible and harvested at the perfect ripeness. We are not currently organically certified but strive to follow organic practices. Come visit us at the farm throughout the summer for you-pick fruit or try our vegetables at the Nisswa and Brainerd farmer's markets.


Our Products


Seasonal Fruits

The best part of a Minnesota summer is sweet fresh fruit! We have raspberries and grapes available for you to pick. Keep an eye on our site for what is currently available but generally our raspberries are ripe around the 4th of July and grapes at the end of August/ early September.
Note: Due to logistical issues we are not growing strawberries at this time.

Godsend Lettuce

We may be best known for our "Godsend Lettuce"- a unique lettuce variety grown by no one else. John and Ruth named this lettuce "Godsend" because it was a hybrid that mysteriously appeared in their back yard which they then stabilized into its own variety. And this lettuce really is heavenly! Crisp but with a buttery flavor and texture, it can keep for weeks in the fridge. Our lettuce is hydroponically grown which means cleaner leaves for you that have never made contact with soil.

Fresh Vegetables

Everyone knows there's no comparison between a grocery store tomato and a homegrown one! We specialize in flavorful heirloom tomatoes as well as every other vegetable we can possibly cram into the field. Everything from onions to broccoli is  grown as organically  as possible. We use tools like companion planting and soil management to ensure our produce is as nutritious- and therefore flavorful- as it can possibly be.

Come on Down to the Farm!

7664 Roscoe Rd, Brainerd, MN 56401, USA

(218) 232-4238

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