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Tomato Plant List for 2020

I've had lots of questions, so here is the list of plants available this year from Brambling Rows. These will be available starting around the second week of May, keep an eye on our website or Facebook page for when we begin sales.

Amish- An absolutely HUGE tomato from an Amish group in Iowa. Extremely meaty with outstanding flavor. (80 days) Pink Berkeley Tie Dye- This is Rachel’s very favorite tomato! Absolutely gorgeous dark pink tomato with metallic green zebra stripes. Delicious complex flavor, great for slicing and makes a delicious sauce (although a little strange-colored.) Indeterminate, 70 days.

(photo from Johnny's Seeds) Paul Robeson- This is a deep brick-red tomato with dark shoulders, named after a famous black opera singer. This Russian variety has a rich, sweet, almost smoky flavor. Indeterminate, 90 days. Opalka- This is a very flavorful paste tomato with large, meaty fruit. Not only does it make great sauce, it’s ideal for dehydrating and making sun-dried tomatoes. Indeterminate, 75 days. Polish Linguisa- A paste tomato developed in the 1800’s, seeds were passed down for generations within a family that made selections for size and flavor. Linguisa is like a Roma on steroids. Most paste tomatoes range 2-4 ounces, these tomatoes are 8-10 ounces. Indeterminate. Brandywine- This has been considered the standard for tomato flavor since its development in 1885 by the Amish in Pennsylvania. It has been grown by so many that today we have at least 7 different versions. We grow the earliest we possibly can, great flavor in a one pound package. (80 days) Leo’s German- Anyone that remembers Johnston’s Greenhouse in Northeast Brainerd will remember her huge German tomatoes. When the greenhouse closed down, the variety was thought lost, but a gardening millwright from Potlatch named Leo Whitman had been saving seeds. This version is huge and smooth, not lumpy like the original. (75-80 days) Nebraska Wedding- This low acid fruit has a great flavor. This is a beautiful gold, smooth, perfectly round tomato.

Cherry Tomatoes Mexican Midget- This is a wild red currant tomato with an intense BIG tomato flavor. This is by far our most popular cherry tomato. Black Cherry- This one has a deep rich black tomato flavor in a bite size package. Large vines produce an abundance of sweet fruit in 65 days. Snow White- This is a very unique tasting tomato. The closest thing we can compare it to is a chunk of pineapple on the grill- sweet and smoky. Not truly white, this is a very pale yellow and ready in 75 days. Indigo Blueberry- A truly BLACK tomato where exposed to the sun, otherwise firebrick red. Tasty and high in anthocyanin, the same antioxidant in blueberries.

(photo from Harris Seeds)

Yellow Cuban- Tiny pear-shaped lump of sugar. Isis Candy- This is my favorite cherry tomato, such a sweet balanced flavor that it’s the only tomato I’ll eat straight off the plant. Fruit is on the larger size for a cherry tomato and is a gold color with a red blush that extends up the center. Very productive, indeterminate, 67 days. Stupice- This is actually a “cocktail” tomato, slightly larger 2 oz fruit. This plant is very cold tolerant and a high producer. Indeterminate, 52 days.

(photo from Tomato Grower's Supply)

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